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Flozone Services takes a full service approach to understanding and managing the wet-side of our customers HVAC heating and cooling systems. Our Integrated Water, Energy, & Air Management Program provides sustainable “green-friendly” solutions through technology.   We understand that each site presents unique circumstances that must be assessed and treated accordingly. Our water treatment protocols and equipment are custom designed to meet the specific needs of each customer and application. Flozone offers cost effective programs that are environmentally responsible with proven technology, the best control systems, and superior service.


  • Improve Heat transfer (reducing energy costs)
  • Maintain clean system (reduce maintenance cost)
  • Increase cycles of concentration
  • Biological control (eliminate Legionella risk)
  • Eliminate chemicals (condenser water)- effluent suitable for irrigation
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IMS Unit
Patented QED Injection System

qed Years of research led Flozone to developing our patented technology “QED” (Quantum ElectroDynamic) system of injecting electromagnetic photon energy directly into the fluid being treated. By actually touching the fluid, the full photon energy of the “E” and “H” fields of the electromagnet “RF” (Radio Frequency) signal is used. The Faraday Effect (induced coupling in the presence of electromagnetic fields) is also present using our “QED” system when the fluid is dynamic (moving) through a pipe or conduit. Our “QED” system uses both direct injection of photon energy of the electromagnetic fields and the Faraday Effect.   Our patented “QED” Injection System allows us to use less ozone more efficiently, and has an effect on the formation of mineral crystals. “QED” provides an added measure of protection as it prevents mineral deposits from forming while safe cycles of concentration are maintained through 24/7 management of water quality. The “QED” Injection System has been in the marketplace for many years and is proven effective.   Many have tried modeling other forms of electronic water treatment after the “QED”. Our extensive testing and research in both our own laboratories, Baylor University, University of Tennessee, Auburn University and Federal Labs at Oak Ridge and Los Alamos demonstrated the limitations of such devices. Due to the fields being outside the fluid, in all cases the results were limited, unpredictable and applicable to minor scale control only.

High Efficiency Ozone Generation and Delivery System

tower Ozone is used in place of traditional biocides such as Bromine or Chlorine. Ozone leaves no residual chemical in the effluent, and bacteria like legionella cannot develop immunity to ozone. Ozone is proven highly effective as a biocide. A Federal Technology Alert issued in December of 1995 titled Ozone Treatment for Cooling Towers endorses the use of ozone to eliminate infectious bacteria and viruses from cooling tower re-circulating water systems. The document does site a key disadvantage to ozone based treatment systems being the cost of ozone generators capable of providing effective treatment. Other disadvantages sited were the need for technically trained service personnel, and modifications to existing equipment required to adapt the system to ozone delivery.   Many organizations have attempted to employ ozone in water treatment programs but few have succeeded. Though ozone is a highly effective biocide, proper application of the ozone gas has created a challenge for the water treatment community. Flozone Services has proven success where others have failed. The Flozone IMS unit employs one of the smallest, highly efficient, ozone generators in the world. Flozone IMS units are custom designed for each customer, with the QED, ozone generators, mixing columns, and distribution systems designed and sized for the particular application.   Flozone’s combination of QED energy plus on site Ozone generation and delivery plus 24/7 monitoring provides you with state of the art chemical free water treatment and HVAC water management.

Chemical Free Approach to Corrosion Control

Corrosion is controlled using a multi faceted approach with remote monitoring: tight control of pH levels; tight control of ozone production; elimination of microorganisms that contribute MIB (microbiologically induced corrosion); and eliminating chemicals that contribute to corrosion. The higher cycels of concentration ratios resulting from the reduced blow down volumes raise the pH of the circulating water, higher pH is a natural corrosion inhibitor. The higher cycles also brings the added benefit of ions such as calcium, zinc and magnesium being other natural corrosion inhibitors. In comparison to chemical companies’ standard corrosion coupons, Flozone Services corrosion rates are typically 50-100% better.


Flozone Services personnel are committed to setting a new standard for water treatment, by providing our customers with the best technology, products and services. Our company is staffed by energetic problem solvers, who understand that credibility and customer service define our future success.   Cost effective programs that are environmentally responsible and reduce risks combined with proven technology, the best control systems, superior service, and a dedicated staff have all contributed to Flozone Services achievements. Industry analysts all agree that the water treatment industry is changing, we are proud to lead the way.

System components include:

  • E3 Sentinel 24/7 Remote Monitoring and Controls
  • Patented QED Device
  • Ozone Generation Delivery System
  • Corrosion Coupon Holder
  • Custom Built Mixing and Distribution System


Typical Installation Requirements:

  • 1-110 30 Amp circuits in equipment room
  • 1-110 20 Amp circuit at cooling tower
  • 2-4 taps for side steam application
  • Ethernet connection


*A technical survey is done on each sight to determine specific electrical and tap needs. System tonnage will dictate the size electrical needed and the size taps needed to provide system coverage.