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Open Systems

The comprehensive treatment program shall include the integrated use of the QED Injection System for scale control while using Ozone for biocidal control




  • Cooling tower raw and sump testing to include conductivity, pH, calcium, magnesium, silica, chlorides
  • Biological testing and analysis (dipslides)
  • Visual inspection of cooling tower
  • Check operator equipment log sheets
  • Corrosion coupons testing and analysis 90 or 365 days
  • Visually inspect heat exchangers
  • Physical check and any necessary maintenance of water treatment equipment monthly. (IMS unit, QED, Ozone generator, concentrator, air hoses, fans, all piping, water flow, strainers, power supply, circuit boards, circulating pump)
Closed Hot Water/Chilled Water Systems

Water treatment for all sizes and types of closed loops is available. Ozone is not employed on closed loop systems at this time. Flozone Services will be responsible for monitoring the chemical levels in the closed loop. If additional treatment product or cleaning chemicals are necessary it will be the explained up front before a Service Agreement is in place.




  • Inhibitor testing (nitrate, pH, conductivity)
  • Check operators equipment log sheets
  • Physical check of treatment equipment and inventories
  • Biological testing
  • Check corrosion coupons upon request
Boiler Systems

Quality water treatment services for all sizes of steam & hot water boilers. It is the intent of Flozone Services to have all steam produced to be acceptable for use around and in direct contact with food materials. Any chemicals used meet FDA guidelines for boiler treatment chemicals, including oxygen scavengers, scale and corrosion inhibitors, and steam and condensate treatments.




  • Boiler water testing (conductivity, alkalinity, scale and corrosion inhibitor, sulfite)
  • Boiler make-up water testing (conductivity, Hardness, pH, alkalinity)
  • Boiler feedwater testing (conductivity, hardness)
  • Condensate testing (conductivity, pH, hardness)
  • Check of operator equipment log sheets
  • Physical check of treatment facilities
  • Check condensate corrosion coupons upon request
Tower/Chiller Cleaning

Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers naturally scrub particles from the air, accumulating airborne dirt and debris in the sump. Accumulation of airborne debris cannot be prevented with a water management system. Scaling is a hard crusty mineral accumulation throughout the wetted areas of the cooling tower fill, chiller tubes and or plate and frame heat exchangers and is easy to differentiate from accumulated dirt and debris. We recommend that the system be cleaned of accumulated airborne debris on a routine basis.


Flozone guarantees clean cooling tower fill and chiller tubes (Heat Exchange Surfaces) under normal operating conditions. It is expected that the application of Flozone’s Integrated Water & Energy Management System will result in consistently clean heat transfer surfaces. However, in the event cleaning of any chiller tubes, heat exchanger or tower fill is required due to scale or bio-film accumulation caused by an ineffective water treatment program, Flozone will be responsible for the cleaning at no cost to the Customer (Splash drain covers may reflect some “green” &/or scale due to surfaces being outside the normal water flow). A Flozone representative is required to be present for any cooling tower, chiller or heat exchanger inspection to assist in determining the cause of any scale or bio-film accumulation.


If cleaning is required due to circumstances beyond Flozone control, Flozone can perform the cleaning based upon a quote accepted by the customer in writing for this service.

Passivation & New Cooling Tower Start up Procedures

Flozone Services will provide “start-up” for new galvanized towers to prevent corrosion or “white rust”. The preventive program is designed to create a natural film of protective coating formed through pH control. The program will take 6-8 weeks to complete and should be completed before a cooling load is placed on the system. The E3 Sentinel 24/7 Remote Monitoring & Management Equipment must be installed prior to the procedure as tight control is critical to successful passivation. Condensers should be treated before ammonia is charged to the system for the prevention of white rust. Coordination between the refrigeration contractor and Flozone Services will allow appropriate time for this treatment to be completed prior to charging the refrigeration system. Flozone Services will provide appropriate chemicals and equipment necessary for the initial charge of corrosion inhibitor into the closed water loop.

Remote Control & Monitoring Services

The E3 SENTINEL 24/7 Integrated Monitoring & Management System allows us to provide the best water treatment available for our customers, detecting and preventing potential problems before they occur, and giving our customers peace of mind.


Tight control of water quality is only possible with 24/7 system management and remote control capability. Flozone Monitoring Personnel can remotely change system set points, manually control the production of ozone, open and close bleed valves and much more. The water treatment system can be remotely shut off upon request for HVAC equipment maintenance and repairs. As the system is remotely monitored, data is collected and analyzed daily. This monitoring and daily analysis allows us to respond to slight changes in water quality before our customers experience a problem.

Service Plan & Operations Manual

The appropriate facility personnel shall be provided an individual copy of the service plan and operations manual. This document is customized to the needs of the facility and developed from site visits within four weeks after contract award. The manual shall address and contain the following:


  • Flozone Services company contacts (telephone and page numbers)
  • Outline of the site water treatment program including preliminary recommendations.
  • Test procedures and parameters.
  • Facility equipment operating log.
  • Product data and material safety data sheets.
  • Product bulletins.
  • Service reports.
Written Service Reports

Flozone Services representatives are required to contact the appropriate facility representatives at the beginning and conclusion of each visit.


Written service reports shall be delivered to appropriate personnel at the conclusion of each normal site visit. The service reports shall assess the status of the water treatment program, identify any problems and subsequent corrective action required, and clearly indicates the results of all field tests conducted.