UTC Goodrich’s vision for environmental conservation & sustained performance
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UTC Goodrich’s vision for environmental conservation & sustained performance

UTC Aerospace Systems has a vision for environmental conservation and sustained performance. UTC is one of the world’s largest suppliers of technologically advanced aerospace and defense products. UTC puts top engineering talent at the disposal of fleets worldwide and deploys the most rigorous processes to ensure safe and reliable program execution.

In July of 2011, the UTC management team made the decision to install an Integrated Management System (IMS) developed by Flozone Services, Inc. The IMS complemented the UTC vision with regards to environmental conservation and sustained performance. The Flozone system has consistently reduced water and energy usage and eliminated condenser water chemicals since installation. Flozone Services has also provided life cycle cost savings to the capital equipment based on no harsh chemicals being added to the condenser water treatment protocol.

As part of our comprehensive service, the IMS can monitor HVAC system performance to maximize the efficiency of the HVAC system and verify savings.  Utilizing the “e3 Sentinel” remote monitoring and in-field technicians, Flozone Services has provided better service and tighter controls to protect the equipment asset in the building.

Project Profile

United Technologies

   Goodrich Landing Gear

   Tullahoma, TN

750 Tons HVAC Cooling


2018 Results:

  • Energy savings $4,790
  • kWH consumption reduced 55,311 kWH
  • kW Demand reduced 102 kW
  • Water & Sewer savings $16,250
  • Water & Sewer consumption reduced 1,876,966 gallons
  • Total Water, Sewer, and Electric savings $21,040
  • Eliminated condenser water chemicals: 410 gallons
  • Carbon footprint reduced 38 metric tons
  • Excellent corrosion rates are verified by corrosion coupon analysis by a third party.
  • Heat exchanger efficiency increased from 85% to 95+%
  • Long term savings in extended life of equipment is increased due to absence of harsh chemicals previously used.

 Total Facility Savings with Flozone Services Since February of 2016


Water & Sewer Reduced 14,188,775 gallons
kWH Reduced 2,757,942 kWH
kW Demand Reduced 5,759 kW
Condenser Chemicals Reduced 3,232 gallons
Carbon Footprint Reduced 1,880 metric tons


Maintenance & Extended Mechanical Life Savings $58,325
Water & Sewer Expense Savings $68,674
Energy Expense Savings $242,235
Total $369,234