Water Services Department HVAC Energy Savings Performance Contract
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Water Services Department HVAC Energy Savings Performance Contract

In 2003, Siemens Building Technologies requested Flozone Services to address the HVAC water treatment needs of a Water Services Department through an Energy Savings Performance Contract. The cooling tower and chiller had significant scale and biological deposits. There was sludge present in the closed loop. Also, there was a desire to extend the life of the existing equipment through the elimination of harmful chemicals.

After Flozone was installed, the cooling tower and chiller were brought back to within manufacturer’s specifications. The closed loops were cleaned up and charged to original operating standards. A chiller opening and inspection in early February 2004 revealed clean chiller tubes, providing additional verification of the efficacy of the Flozone Integrated Water & Energy Management Program. Flozone Services was recently awarded a new 5-year contract due to our superior service and cost saving benefits.

In 2008 Flozone Services, Inc. introduced E3 Sentinel, in conjunction with our Integrated Management System (IMS), the E3 Sentinel offers our customers enhanced 24/7 monitoring of their HVAC system.  As part of our comprehensive service, the IMS can monitor your chillers and cooling towers to maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system.

We are pleased to report the Water Service’s Department water/sewer, energy, and chemical reduction savings.

Project Profile

Water Services Dept.

300 Tons HVAC Cooling

Sq Ft per Ton 366


2018 Results:

  • Energy savings $4,287
  • kWH consumption reduced 55,924 kW
  • kW Demand reduced 83 kW
  • Water & Sewer savings $14,309
  • Water & Sewer consumption reduced 987,186 gallons
  • Total Water, Sewer and Electric savings $18,596
  • Eliminated condenser water chemicals: 242 gallons
  • Carbon footprint reduced 39 metric tons
  • Excellent corrosion rates are verified by corrosion coupon analysis by a third party.
  • Chiller efficiency increased from 80% to 95+%
  • Annual inspections of chillers reveal clean tubes and do not need brushing.
  • Long term savings in extended life of equipment is increased due to absence of harsh chemicals previously used.

 Total Facility Savings with Flozone Services Since February of 2016


Water & Sewer Reduced 3,714,399 gallons
kWH Reduced 460,375 kWH
kW Demand Reduced 1,162 kW
Condenser Chemicals Reduced 1,381 gallons


Maintenance & Extended Mechanical Life Savings $31,315
Water & Sewer Expense Savings $59,159
Energy Expense Savings $36,768
Total $127,242