Commonwealth Commercial Chooses Flozone for HVAC Water Treatment With Ozone
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Commonwealth Commercial Chooses Flozone for HVAC Water Treatment With Ozone

Commonwealth Commercial, a premier office building management/developer company, as a leader in environmental consciousness in the management of their facilities, chooses ozone water treatment for their HVAC. Flozone Services (a technology based non-chemical water treatment company) continues to provide a well-maintained water treatment program versus a traditional chemical treatment system. Flozone Services provides substantial HVAC water and energy savings annually over former chemically treated systems.

In 2008 Flozone Services, Inc. introduced E3 Sentinel, in conjunction with our Integrated Management System (IMS), the E3 Sentinel offers our customers enhanced 24/7 monitoring of their HVAC system. As part of our comprehensive service, the IMS can monitor your chillers and cooling towers to maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system. Utilizing our remote monitoring and in-field technicians, we can provide your company’s HVAC system with better service and tighter controls. Over the years, we have invested time and money in our infrastructure and process to be the leader in the business. It is the commitment of our entire organization to continue to provide our customers with services that exceed their expectations.

We are pleased to report Commonwealth Commercial water and sewer, energy, and chemical reduction savings.

Project Profile

BNA Corporate Center

Nashville, TN

800 Tons HVAC Cooling

290 Sq Ft per Ton


2018 Results:

  • Energy savings $7,989
  • kWH consumption reduced 82,232 kWH
  • kW Demand reduced 235 kW
  • Water & Sewer savings $22,925
  • Water & Sewer consumption reduced 1,122,069 gallons
  • Total Water, Sewer, and Electric savings $30,914
  • Eliminated condenser water chemicals: 398 gallons
  • Carbon Footprint reduced 57 metric tons
  • Excellent corrosion rates are verified by corrosion coupon analysis by a third party.
  • Chiller efficiency increased from 85% to 95+%
  • Annual inspections of chillers reveal clean tubes and do not need brushing.
  • Long term savings in extended life of equipment is increased due to absence of harsh chemicals previously used.

 Total Facility Savings with Flozone Services Since February of 2002

Water & Sewer Reduced 14,335,995 gallons
kWH Reduced 2,127,303 kWH
kW Demand Reduced 5,191 kW
Condenser Chemicals Reduced 9,268 gallons

Maintenance & Extended Mechanical Life Savings $164,791
Water & Sewer Expense Savings $327,459
Energy Expense Savings $171,505
Total $663,755