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Promoting Resource Conservation & Environmental Responsibility


Our Casio projection software provides accurate projections of savings available with the Flozone Integrated Water, Energy and Air Management Program.


Reducing Water Consumption — Tight Control of Cycles of Concentration


Flozone’s Integrated Water, Energy and Air Management Program is custom designed to operate at maximum Cycles of Concentration (COC) for your cooling water. Maximum COC available with our program is determined using the CASIO software program to analyze the content of raw and sump water. Increasing COC reduces overall water consumption and effluent discharge. Safe operation at increased COC is possible largely due to the patented application of R.F. energy (QED) that increases the volume of solids that may be dissolved in a given amount of water. The Integrated Management System (IMS) closely monitors and controls the quality of cooling water and allows operation at increased COC without risking the formation of scale. Our evaluation of your system will allow us to pinpoint the maximum COC and water savings possible in your facility. Proper cycles are maintained through monthly water sampling, 24/7 monitoring, and remote adjustment of the IMS setpoints.


Example: Maintaining 3.0 cycles of concentration in a 500 Ton Cooling Tower requires a bleed rate of 7.5 gpm. Maintaining 6.0 cycles, requires a bleed rate of 2.40 gpm. A reduction of 5.1 gpm provides a savings of 7,344 gallons of water in a 24-hour period, and 2,680,560 gallons per year for a system running 24/7.


Improving Effluent Quality for Possible Reuse, Reducing Discharge Volume


Regulations governing the content and quantity of effluent are becoming more prevalent. Flozone Integrated Water, Energy, and Air Management Program systems produce effluent containing no chlorine, bromine or other chemical contaminants. The IMS systems utilize the powerful biocide ozone. Ozone gas has a very short half-life. Ozone in cooling water usually reverts to oxygen in 20 minutes or less. The effluent produced by the IMS is suitable for reuse as irrigation water in many communities (subject to local regulations and restrictions).


Through the careful monitoring and management of the cooling water, the amount of effluent sent to the sewer will be significantly reduced, resulting in a decreased load on sewage or lagoon treatment facilities. A reduction in the volume of effluent may result in appreciable financial and community benefits.


Eliminate Onsite Chemical Storage


Many organizations seek to reduce the risks associated with onsite chemical storage. Flozone Services eliminates the condenser chemicals and chemical handling by onsite personnel. The IMS program offers a real solution to chemical water treatment and onsite storage.


Our Integrated Water, Energy, and Air Management Program provides sustainable “green-friendly” solutions through technology.


Reducing Energy Consumption — Water Quality Management


Chiller Operating Efficiency is maximized through the elimination of scale build up on heat transfer surfaces (both chiller tubes and cooling tower fill). Keeping cooling tower fill free of scale allows for maximum evaporation. When scale prevents a cooling tower from operating as designed, the return water is not cooled adequately, and energy demand of the compressor is increased. When scale accumulates on chiller tube surfaces, the chilled water is not able to be cooled as designed (delta T), and energy demand of the compressor is increased. Example: 0.01 inches in scale and biofilm can result in up to 15% energy loss.


Studies of customer operating logs have shown that improvements in kw/ton consumption are evident after only 90 days under the Flozone Integrated Water, Energy, and Air Management Program. This is not to say that Flozone is capable of restoring full operating efficiency in 90 days. Flozone Services makes no claim to restore manufacturer’s standard operating efficiency. Flozone can only improve operational efficiency as it relates to scale, biofilm, flow restrictions, and other conditions due to poor water quality. The timeline for improvements is largely dependent on the extent of scale/biofilm in the system and the piping. Flozone is no magic pill or black box that can erase problems overnight, but Flozone Services has proven time and time again through kw/ton efficiency studies and chiller openings/inspections that tight control and careful management of water quality will result in clean chiller tubes and increased kw/ton efficiency.


Legionella Bacteria


Cooling towers are renowned for harboring the deadly Legionella bacteria. Strains of Legionella have been found resistant to traditional chemical biocides, the failure to maintain a consistent concentration of biocide in a cooling tower is often the cause of a Legionella outbreak. Legionella cannot become immune or resistant to ozone. The (IMS) is designed to keep consistent levels of ozone in the system at all times.