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According to most manufacturers’ specifications and the Cooling Tower Institute, twenty-five years is the average life of a galvanized steel cooling tower. This life expectancy is based upon proper passivation upon startup; maintaining 2.0 Cycles of Concentration or less; no chemical water treatment; no acid or power wash cleanings.


The current industry practice to minimize biological risks and remove scale is a traditional chemical water treatment program. Chemical water treatment programs typically include regular use of acidic chemical additives for scale control and also rely on periodic acid baths and tube scrubbing to assist in removing scale deposits in the cooling tower fill and chiller tubes. Typical chemical water treatment programs reduce cooling tower life by up to 33%.


No Flozone Services customer has experienced premature degradation of HVAC equipment due to scale accumulation or the water treatment program itself. Chiller inspections of Flozone Services treated equipment require no tube brushing under normal use. Flozone Services helps prolong the useful life of HVAC equipment by keeping water quality under tight control. This prolonged life of the HVAC equipment with Flozone Services allows the company to reduce its budgeted replacement costs.