LEED Certified Caterpillar Financial Center Conserves Water with Environmentally Friendly Ozone Water Treatment
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LEED Certified Caterpillar Financial Center Conserves Water with Environmentally Friendly Ozone Water Treatment

Caterpillar Financial Center in Nashville, Tennessee pursues water conservation with environmentally friendly ozone water treatment.

It was awarded Gold Certification for an existing building under the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program in April of 2009. The certification makes the center the first building in the Caterpillar family and the first privately owned, existing commercial building in Tennessee to become LEED certified. The Gold Certification is the second highest rating in the LEED system.

Flozone Services, Inc. contributed toward the reduction in energy and water usage on the HVAC system by installing an Integrated Management System (IMS). Since installing the IMS on the condenser water system, the Caterpillar Financial Center reduced water usage by 30% and energy usage by at least 5.5% annually. The IMS also eliminated the 14+ barrels of cooling tower chemicals annually and reduced the sewer load to help preserve the environment. In addition to these savings, Flozone continues to protect the HVAC equipment and extend the life cycle many years.

Project Profile

Caterpillar Financial

Nashville, TN

1000 Tons HVAC Cooling

312 Sq Ft per Ton


2018 Results:

  • Energy savings $2,512
  • kWH consumption reduced 28,776 kWH
  • kW Demand reduced 65 kW
  • Water & Sewer savings $23,688
  • Water & Sewer consumption reduced 1,352,580 gallons
  • Total Water, Sewer, and Electric savings $26,200
  • Eliminated condenser water chemicals: 440 gallons
  • Carbon Footprint reduced 20 metric tons
  • Excellent corrosion rates are verified by corrosion coupon analysis by a third party.
  • Chiller efficiency increased from 90% to 95+%
  • Annual inspections of chillers reveal clean tubes and do not need brushing.
  • Long term savings in extended life of equipment is increased due to absence of harsh chemicals previously used.

 Total Facility Savings with Flozone Services Since February of 2002

Water & Sewer Reduced 13,947,639 gallons
kWH Reduced 374,667 kWH
kW Demand Reduced 1057 kW
Condenser Chemicals Reduced 6,831 gallons
Carbon Footprint Reduced 242 metric tons

Maintenance & Extended Mechanical Life Savings $139,115
Water & Sewer Expense Savings $245,513
Energy Expense Savings $36,344
Total $420,972