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Casio Projection Software


Our Casio projection software provides accurate projections of savings available with the Flozone Integrated Water, Energy and Air Management Program.


  • Detailed input from site survey
    • Local climatology
    • Total tonnage
    • Operating hours, habits
    • Usage type -office, process, refrigeration, etc.
    • Condition of system, estimated efficiency, age.
    • Raw and sump water quality
    • Utility rates
  • Current cost of water treatment
  • Determines IMS, PFS, & ZoneAir unit sizes, E3 Sentinel controller needed, Maximum system efficiency etc.
  • Projects Benefits & Savings
  • Presents various purchase/rental/service options


The projections are broken down into the following categories:


  • Water Management Program
  • Energy Management Program
  • Contracted Services Reduced
  • Extending Equipment Life Cycle


Flozone offers 1, 3, 5 and 7yr contracts. All Contracts include full service and Flozone equipment warranty


  • Comprehensive Full Service Program (Flozone equipment included)
  • Capital Equipment Purchase with Full Service Contract
  • Installation fees can be paid initially or included in the cost of monthly service contract


** Cycles of Concentration


Flozone’s Integrated Water, Energy and Air Management Program is custom designed to operate at maximum Cycles of Concentration (COC) for your cooling water. Maximum COC available with our program is determined using the CASIO software program to analyze the content of raw and sump water. Increasing COC reduces overall water consumption and effluent discharge. Safe operation at increased COC is possible largely due to the patented application of R.F. energy (QED) that increases the volume of solids that may be dissolved in a given amount of water. The Integrated Management System (IMS) closely monitors and controls the quality of cooling water and allows operation at increased COC without risking the formation of scale. Our evaluation of your system will allow us to pinpoint the maximum COC and water savings possible in your facility. Proper cycles are maintained through monthly water sampling, 24/7 monitoring, and remote adjustment of the IMS setpoints.


Example: Maintaining 3.0 cycles of concentration in a 500 Ton Cooling Tower requires a bleed rate of 7.5 gpm. Maintaining 6.0 cycles, requires a bleed rate of 2.40 gpm. A reduction of 5.1 gpm provides a savings of 7,344 gallons of water in a 24-hour period, and 2,680,560 gallons per year for a system running 24/7.